Charvil Country Park Complex

Fishing Rules  2021/2022

 1  Fishing only from June 16th to 14th March on the river. 

    Both lakes are 11 months fishing but once Carp start spawning the complex will shut for 4 weeks, this is to allow the fish to recover.

 2  All the site rules and those of the Environment Agency will be upheld at all times.

 3  All anglers will make every effort to minimize disturbance on arrival, on departure, and whilst fishing.

     Anglers to be courteous to all park users at all times.

 4  Permits will be carried at all times when fishing and must be produced at the request of Bailiffs, 

other members and the Country Staff Park or their representatives.  Any person without their permit will be asked to leave the complex.

 5  No person is permitted to fish for a continuous period longer than 72 hours, after which the individual and their equipment will leave the fishery for a minimum period of 48 hours.    

 6 Members are not allowed to swim or bathe in any water on the complex. Marginal Wading is permitted for landing fish.

     No inflatable dinghy’s to be used at any time.

 7   Bait boats are allowed on both Lakes for a fee of £25 per season.

 8   Members can fish with a maximum of 3 rods at any one time except when river fishing or piking where the maximum will be 2 rods.

 9   All members should act considerately to other user groups and wildlife,

10  Fishing from recognized swims only.

11  Barbed hooks only to be used on the fishery

12  The health of the fish is top priority and to ensure this all nets, weigh slings etc shall be totally dried in sunlight before bringing onto the fishery                     

13 No litter or discarded fishing tackle of any description to be left on the banks because of the danger to wildlife. 

     Anglers are responsible for litter or discarded fishing tackle of any description including cigarettes butts found in or within 2 metres of their swims.

14 No person shall leave a rod and line with bait or hook unattended in the water.

15 No reserving of swims.

16 Members are not allowed to tread down bankside vegetation, cut or climb trees or dig out the ground without prior permission from the Fishery Management/Council.

17 No Sacking (during the warmer months) or KEEPNETS (on any part of the complex).

Every angler shall have a landing net with minimum 36” arms and a suitable size UNHOOKING MAT. All fish to have suitable antiseptic applied after capture and before returning fish to the water they came from as soon as possible.

18 Cars/vans only to be parked in the car park and not anywhere else on the complex

19 Please keep the main gate locked at all times. The Council or Fishery Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any members vehicle or possessions however caused while members are using the fishery.

20  No fires around the lake (unless permission has been granted by the Council )ie Work Parties

21  Dogs are permitted on the venue but owners must keep them on a lead and under control at all times.    

      Clean up their mess and remove from the venue. Dogs are not to be left unattended at any time.

      If your dog causes a nuisance to other anglers, park users or wildlife you will be asked by the bailiffs not to bring it to the venue again.        Please report any dog nuisance incidents to the Bailiffs.

22 In the event of cancellation or removal of a permit from a member no refund shall be payable by the Fishery Management as of their right.

23 The Council/Fishery Management team can at their own discretion , restrict and/or prohibit fishing on any particular water on the complex.


Pike Angling

1. Large, padded unhooking mats must be used.

2. Minimum line breaking strain of 15lb.

3. Minimum trace of 18inches of 20lb wire.

4. Barbless or semi-barbed hooks only.

5. Adequate sized landing nets must be carried and used.

6. Forceps and wire cutters must be carried and used when necessary.

7. The use of pike gags is prohibited.

8. No Livebaiting

8. Pike anglers must use an effective indicator system capable of showing drop back bites as well as runs.