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CANBERRA - Main Lake 16 acres (Lake Syndicate)
A stunning , mature, reed lined lake, dug out around 60 years ago, this gravel lake has a average depth up to11ft, countless bars and lots of islands makes this a very interesting lake to fish.

There are approximately 23 swims and plans are to add only a couple more.  

 Lake record 39.12 Mirror ( 02/04/24 ) we truly believe that we will have a number of Carp hitting the Magic 40lb mark this season.

Originally Canberra had a low stock of around 25/30 Carp, including Commons to 40lb plus, very few Mirrors were present, we have added over the Ten years many stunning new carp (mainly Mirrors) up to 28lb. Our fishery management plan is to raise the stock of carp to around 100 Carp. The stockies have been putting large amounts of weight on in a short period of time and this may have something to do with the excellent water quality and large amount of natural food that is present in the lake. 

Tench have been caught up to 14lb, a 12lb being the best in 2013, good size Bream are also present but however some of the smaller bream have been transferred into Orrell.

A truly great lake to fish to get away from all the pressures of work etc, this lake will produce some STUNNING Carp in the next few years!!!!!


Canberra really does have the UNKOWN aspect about it ,

Large Carp have been seen by many anglers, but have not graced the bank as yet, with such a rich water and so many Islands and places to hide this gives the angler the challenges they are looking for.


 A carp Barrow or trolley is needed to transport your fishing gear to swims around this lake.



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