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We have carried out a huge amount of improvements over the last few years and have an on going plan to develop the complex and will be upgrading access to the lakes and are at present making several new swims. All swims will take a normal size bivvy.

New pipe work has been laid to allow for any flood water to return to the river as quickly as possible, so the lake's can be fished throughout the Winter.
 Flood fencing has been added throughout around both lakes, and many swims have now been fenced.

 Both lakes are heavy tree lined which gives the complex its unique character
and sets it apart from some of the local barren commercial fisheries, trees are only removed if the need arises as we are keeping the complex as near to nature as possible, both for the angler and all wildlife.......

Fishery managers Simon Healy, Gary Dee and Andy Church are supported by a Team of local Baliffs who regularly patrol the complex.

The fishery is located within a nature reserve known as Charvil Country Park which is close to Twyford near Reading, Berkshire. 
Access to the complex is from the Old Bath Road where we have secure parking taking up to 40 cars, with a new gate/ height restrictor secured by padlocks on the main entrance.
The nearest postcode which we can get is the Waggon and Horses Pub, If using a sat-nav put in RG10 9AJ this is only a few hundred metres away from the access gate, half a mile away is the town of Charvil, all the shops you need for stocking up for a trip are situated there.
The fishery comprises: (All the Dark Blue showing on map)
- Canberra, 16 acres, Lake Syndicate
- Orrell, 2.87 acres, Lake Syndicate
- River Loddon, 600 metres, River Syndicate
- M
aximum syndicate of 50 people.

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